Friday, February 6, 2009

My Predictions for Telecom Industry in 2009 & 2010

  1. Greater focus on data services and fewer tariff wars as focus shifts to managing EBIDTA margins
  2. Both the handset manufacturers and operators would focus on the handset OS platform
  3. Smart Phones likely to be the fastest growing category amongst handsets
  4. Handset vendors to aggressively push GPS
  5. Mobile RSS Feeds and Widgets to emerge stronger
  6. Social Networking (esp. IM+eMail) to be the driver of Internet adoption on mobiles
  7. Music, video, gaming and location to adopt the social networking platform which would in turn drive their adoption
  8. Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) to gain traction with Central Banks across the world coming out with regulations in favour of MMT considering the convenience and high penetration of mobiles
  9. Mobile applications to get mainstream
  10. Carrier Walled Gardens would disappear leading to better content development by independent VAS companies
  11. 4G technology debate to be decided in favour of LTE. WiMax would go down fighting but will still manage substantial installations as a support to 3G/LTE
  12. Consolidation amongst carrier and cross-border deals in emerging markets likely to give boost to M&A activities
  13. Mobile entertainment to grow as the cheapest source of entertainment during the tough economic conditions

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Anonymous said...

I see a few more activities: Bringing more and more utlity services on mobile. This will hold true for Matured and well as Emerging market.
Platform owners promoting opening up their APIs for agnostic developments by 3rd party developers
The entire value chain players offerings remain complex for the end user (mass users) and hence they opting for the simple ones.
Operator's relinquishing their control in value chain to promote others (either by will or under obligation/s).